Galvan Industries, Inc.
Electrical Product Lines

Galvan Industries has been a trusted supplier to the electrical, electronic and utility industries for more than six decades. The Galvan family of electrical products includes:

Galvan is the only U.S. manufacturer to produce both UL-Listed hot dip galvanized ground rods and UL-Listed copper-bonded ground rods. Galvan also manufactures UL-Listed stainless steel and solid copper ground rods. Galvan ground rods, clamps and connectors are used in demanding applications such as:

  • cable television
  • lightning protection
  • electric power
  • telecommunications
  • industrial and commercial buildings
  • residential construction

As a full-line provider of grounding and connectoring products, Galvan offers you the benefit of reduced transaction costs with single source purchasing. Product inventories are maintained in strategic locations throughout the U.S. for fast delivery.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our customers with products and services that meet or exceed the highest industry standards. With superior manufacturing, competitive pricing, dedication to customer service and an emphasis on integrity, our goal is to become a trusted partner to those we serve.

A Little History

Galvan entered the electrical market in the 1960s as a manufacturer of hot dip galvanized ground rods. Over the years, the company’s ground rod product line has expanded to include copper-bonded, stainless steel and solid copper ground rods. Galvan holds a patent on it’s copper coating process for ground rods.

Galvan is the only company in the United States that manufactures all four types of rods in house – hot dip galvanized, copper-bonded, solid copper and solid stainless – and listed by UL. The Galvan ground rod line includes regular, threaded sectional and pigtail rods. The company also provides the accessories to facilitate a comprehensive installation for threaded and non-threaded ground rod systems (drive studs, clamps, threaded and threadless couplings).

In 1999, Galvan expanded its offering to include an array of copper and aluminum, mechanical and compression connectors, clamps, tools and accessories. The company is now a major supplier of these items and others for the cable television, construction, electric power, lightning protection and telecommunications markets.

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