Galvan Product Catalog

Galvan Industries’ PDF Edition 2020 Catalog features the latest information on our complete line of ground rods, clamps and connectors.


Ground Rod Spec

Get our most recent Ground Rod, Clamp and Coupling Specifications.



USDA / RUS List of Materials Supplement

UL-Listed 10-mil copper-coated ground rods are now fully approved for us by RUS utilities, allowing cost-savings for both utilities and distributors.

Download document directly from RUS Web site.

Galvan Top Ten… Ground Rod Electrode Questions!

We get lots of questions about ground rods, so we’ve compiled a list of the 10 most frequently asked. Get all the answers here!

RoHS Statement – Galvan Zinc-Coated Grounding Rod Products

Galvan Industries operates a high-grade zinc kettle with lead levels between 0.1 and 0.2% that is RoHS compliant.

Material Safety Data Sheet Statement

In response to requests for a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) regarding fabrication of ground rod electrode products.

RoHS Statement – Galvan Copper Alloyed Products

Galvan Industries recognizes that European Union directive 2002/95/EC (RoHS) restricts the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment.

REACH and Conflict Minerals Statement

Galvan Industries complies with exclusion of Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC) as dictated by the European REACH regulation and our products fall within parameters set forth by this regulation.

Ground Rod Color-Coding Standards

Galvan Electrical Products introduced the ‘color-coding’ of ground rod points in 2006 to help customers minimize or eliminate order fulfillment errors. Our current color standards are listed here.

Galvan Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions govern the purchase and sale of goods from Galvan Electrical Products.



Galvan pigtail rods eliminate the safety hazards associated with exothermic welding in the field. They also reduce installation time. Find out more.


SRC And G5 Clamp Flyer

New Galvan G-5 and SRC grounding clamps are UL listed for copper coated, galvanized and stainless steel ground rods. They are also listed for rebar (UFER) grounds. Find out more.


Galvan Ground Rod Clamp Flyer

Finding all the acorn clamps you need is easy at Galvan. We offer the industry’s widest selection.  All are UL listed for direct burial in earth and concrete and for use with copper-coated, galvanized or stainless steel ground rods. Download our new flyer for all the details.


Gold Series Galvanized Ground Rod Flyer

Galvan’s Gold Series UL- listed galvanized ground rods were first introduced in 2004 and are now recognized by contractors as a cost-saving, easier driving, code-compliant alternative to full-size ground rods. They make inspections easier, too. Download the flyer to find out more.

Threadless Couplings for Copper-Coated Rods Flyer

Galvan threadless couplings for copper-coated ground rods are designed, manufactured and guaranteed to securely connect any copper-coated ground rods made to the ANSI-Approved NEMA GR-1 specification. They’re a sure cure for separation anxiety.

F-Series Full-Size Ground Rod Flyer

Galvan first introduced the F-Series in 2008 to provide utilities and other customers a full-sized (.625 diameter) rod that meets all applicable standards, including RUS, NESC, NEC, UL467 and NEMA GR-1.


Multi-Tap Flyer

Galvan UV-rated pre-insulated multi-tap connectors are real timesavers for line splicing, reducers and tap applications.


Insulation Piercing Connectors

Galvan IPC Series connectors are an easy fit in copper-to-copper, copper-to-aluminum and aluminum-to-aluminum applications.


Ground Rod Marking Compliance

Be sure your ground rod electrode installations meet all requirements of the National Elecrical Code.


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