Pool Grounding

Harrisburg, N.C. — Galvan Industries is offering a full line of copper lugs and grounding clamps for pool grounding and spa applications. Article 680 of the National Electrical Code (NEC) requires that pool components such as rebar, drains, water inlets, skimmers, ladders, slides, diving boards, underwater lighting, junction boxes, and water circulating/heating equipment be bonded and grounded. Galvan’s UL-Listed pool and spa products meet all NEC standards and are in stock for immediate shipment.

The line includes the Galvan LIC-50S lay-in lug. The LIC-50S is made from high-strength pure electrolytic copper to deliver maximum strength and conductivity, perfect for copper-to-copper connections used in bonding pool steel. Its open-faced design allows a quick connection with the grounding conductor, saving time and assuring a positive, secure contact. It is UL-listed and approved for direct burial in earth or concrete.

Galvan Type K copper split bolts and Type FLC copper lugs are also available for copper-to-copper connections in a wide range of conductor sizes.

For bonding pool steel to rebar, the Galvan line includes the JRD pipe clamp. The JRD clamp is listed for use with rebar in sizes from 3/8″ to 1″, as well as for pipe and ground rods in sizes from 1/2″ to 1″. The JRD is constructed from bronze alloy with stainless-steel screws and is UL-listed for direct burial in earth and concrete. Like the LIC-50S, it provides easy lay-in connectivity.

Other options for bonding to rebar include the Galvan JRD-4/0, a pipe clamp with a larger lay-in feature for larger conductors, or the Galvan G-5 acorn clamp. Both are listed for direct burial and for use with rebar.

About Galvan Electrical Products

Galvan Industries offers a full line of electrical grounding products, accessories, connectors and tools that are used in residential, commercial and industrial applications, including construction, cable TV, lightning protection, power transmission and telecommunications. They are available from leading electrical wholesalers and distributors throughout the United States.

In addition, Galvan is the only U.S. manufacturer to produce UL-listed galvanized ground rods, UL-listed copper-bonded ground rods, UL-listed solid copper ground rods and CSA-listed stainless steel ground rods for use in the U.S. and Canada. This gives contractors, wholesalers and utilities a safe, listed option for all of the most commonly specified types of ground rods.

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