Hot Dip Galvanized Ground Rods

  • Outstanding corrosion resistance; high-strength steel is immersed in molten zinc forming a rustproof barrier.
  • Minimum zinc thickness 3.9 mils (99.06 microns) per ASTM A-123
  • Meets NEMA GR-1 requirements.
  • Stamped for inspectability and traceability.
  • Galvan color codes the end of the rods to designate diameters to reduce errors.
  • Listed to UL 467 specifications.
  • Made in USA. 
    Veteran owned company. 

Note: Rods less than 8′ (96 inches) do not meet the requirements of UL, NESC nor NEC Codes.

Note: Most competitors’ galvanized grounds rods are NOT listed.

Catalog NumberDiameter X LengthDiameter x Length (metric) ApproximateActual Diameter InchesRod ListingMatching CouplingSub & Master BundleWt. per 100 lb (kg)NAED UPC No. 632591-Color Code
GR5005*1/2" x 5'12.4 mm x 1.5 m0.484-0.500N/AGRC-12G10 / 100320 (146)070731-2Green
GR50061/2" x 6'12.8 mm x 1.8 m0.484-0.500N/AGRC-12G10 / 100385 (175)70732-9Green
GR50081/2" x 8'12.8 mm x 2.40.484-0.500N/AGRC-12G10 / 100511 (232)70733-6Green
GR6254F5/8" x 4'15.9 mm x 1.2 m0.625-0.640N/AGRC-625G10 / 100420 (191)61526-6-
GR62565/8" x 6'14 mm x 1.8 m0.543-0.555N/AGRC-54G5 / 100475 (216)70701-5-
GR6256F5/8" x 6'15.9 mm x 1.8 m0.625-0.640N/AGRC-625G5 / 100630 (286)61469-6Yellow
GR62585/8" x 8'14 mm x 2.4 m0.543-0.555ULGRC-54G5 / 100635 (288)70702-2Copper
GR6258F*5/8" x 8'15.9 mm x 2.4 m0.625-0.640ULGRC-625G5 / 100837 (380)61407-8Yellow
GR62505/8" x 10'14 mm x 3 m0.543-0.555ULGRC-54G5 / 100790 (359)70703-9Copper
GR6250F*5/8" x 10'15.9 mm x 3 m0.625-0.640ULGRC-625G5 / 1001046 (475)61468-9Yellow
GR7508F*3/4" x 8'19.1 mm x 2.4 m0.750-0.765ULGRC-34G5 / 501205 (547)61478-8Black
GR7510F3/4" x 10'19.1 mm x 3 m0.750-0.765ULGRC-34G5 / 501505 (683)61479-5Black
GR1010F1" x 10'25.4 mm x 3 m1.000-1.140ULGRC-100G5 / 252700 (1225)61484-9-

Notes: * RUS Listed.
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Owners of all older homes should consider having their ground rods/electrodes replaced by a licensed electrician.

Updating Residential Grounding
This installation may have met code in years past, but now needs to be updated. The single electrode of undetermined length should be replaced with two code-compliant grounding electrodes, unless testing proves just one has a resistance to ground of 25 ohms or less. Otherwise, there is a good probability that the house isn’t well grounded which could be a danger to life and property.
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Pig-Tail Rods

  • Made in USA. 
    Veteran owned company. 
  • Solid or stranded ground wire brazed to copper-bonded or galvanized ground rod
  • Available in a wide variety of lengths and diameters
  • A superior alternative to exothermic welding in the field
  • Safety – installers do not have to worry about burns or inhaling chemical fumes from the welding process
  • Saves time in installation – no need to assemble molds or welding apparatus in the field

Contact factory for quotation of copper-bonded and hot-dip galvanized pig-tail rods. Provide rod type, size, wire type, gage and length. An example: 5/8″ x 8′ copper-bonded rod with 4′ of #6 bare solid copper pig tail to be attached 6″ from top or drive end of the rod.