Galvan Industries has expanded its ground rod line to include new knurled copper-bonded ground rods for use in electrical T&D applications. Galvan’s pre-knurled ground rods cut the time for compression grounding installation in half.

Knurling increases the pullout value of a compression connection by as much as 20%, but knurling in the field is time consuming. A special die is needed for the compression tool to create the knurled surface. Afterward, the knurling die must be removed and replaced with to install the lug.

Galvan’s knurled rods eliminate the need for additional tooling and the time required to use it, making the installation of the compression lug to the ground rod a one-step process.

Like all of Galvan’s copper-bonded ground rods, the new knurled rods have a heavy, uniform coating of copper metallurgically bonded to a rigid steel core for excellent longevity in most soils. They are listed to UL-467 with a 10-mil. minimum copper plating.

Galvan Industries offers a wider selection of US-Made ground rods than any other manufacturer. Galvan is the only U.S. manufacturer to produce in-house: galvanized ground rods, threaded and straight-end copper-bonded ground rods, threaded and straight-end stainless steel ground rods, knurled ground rods, plus solid copper ground rods.

The new pre-knurled copper-bonded ground rods are available now in the most popular diameters and lengths.

Catalog NumberDiameter X Length
5008L-K1/2" x 8'
5010L-K1/2" x 10'
6258-K5/8" x 8'
6260-K5/8" x 10'
7508-K3/4" x 8'
7510-K3/4" x 10'
1010-K1" x 10'

Galvan’s new knurled ground rods are completely made in the USA and meet Buy American requirements for government funded infrastructure projects. They are NESC compliant.

About Galvan Industries, Inc.

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