Award-Winning Galvan Videos…
Entertaining And Educational!

Video #6: Great Moments in Grounding History!

When grounding works, nothing happens! So how can there be Great Moments in Grounding History? By upgrading the grounding in older homes and buildings to help prevent fire, shock and electrocution hazards. Look for a chance to make great moments happen on your jobs.

Video #5: Chuck and the Counterfeit Ground Rod

Chuck digs counterfeit ground rods… literally! Learn how to spot possible counterfeit ground rods and how to avoid the problems and liabilities that come with them.

Video #4: Ground Rod Anatomy

It’s hard to say if a ground rod meets code just by looking at it. As Roger tells Jim, “Beauty might be skin deep, but ugly goes right to the core!” Feast your eyes on our newest video and find out what it takes to really meet the specs where safe grounding is concerned.

Video #3: The Facts of (Ground Rod) Life

Which lasts longer, copper-plated ground rods or galvanized grounds rods? That’s a good question, and the answer is…”yes”. Visit the training room of the future where Roger gives Jim the facts.

Video #2: Ooohm…Ooohm…Ooooohms!

Jim meditates on the rules for using two ground rods instead of just one. There’s safety in numbers and Roger makes sure Jim’s numbers add up.

Video #1: Go For Listed Ground Rods

Roger says, “If you don’t see the listing mark, you don’t know what’s down under there!” He’s right. Watch and learn as Roger and Jim dig deep into the subjects of ground rod safety and code compliance.