Distributors: Stock up now and put turkey on the table with Galvan’s Annual Butterball Promotion

Galvan's 22nd Annual Butterball Turkey Promotion for U.S. distributors runs from November 1st through December 15th. During the promotional period, each "single destination" purchase order for immediate shipment [...]

Galvan Electrical’s New Printed Catalog Features Latest Product Info Plus NEC, NESC and RUS Specs

Harrisburg, N.C. -- Galvan Industries has announced the release of a new printed edition of the company's Electrical Products Catalog. The new catalog includes complete information and full-color [...]

Galvan Ground Clamps Solve NEC 250.70 Compliance Problem With UL Listing For Copper, Galvanized And Stainless Steel Rods

Harrisburg, N.C. -- NEC 250.70 Methods of Grounding and Bonding Conductor Connection To Electrodes clearly states, "Ground clamps shall be listed for the materials of the grounding electrode." The [...]

New Intersystem Bonding Bridge Connectors Now Available From Galvan

HARRISBURG, NC – Galvan Industries is now offering contractors cost-efficient die-cast zinc intersystem bonding bridge connectors. Designated Type IBBZ, they meet 2011 and 2014 NEC 250.94 requirements for Intersystem [...]

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