Electrical Wholesalers:
Shorten your supply chain to protect your business, profits

A global supply chain may be unavoidable for electrical wholesalers today, but it is highly vulnerable to disruptions. With much of the world on lockdown, the coronavirus pandemic now is creating major problems for the industry, from production shortages to bottlenecks at seaports.

Galvan can’t cure all such problems, but we can shorten your supply chain for ground rods, clamps and more, reducing your costs and risks. Galvan is your reliable source for American-made, UL-listed grounding products, including:

  • Copper-bonded ground rods
  • Solid copper ground rods
  • Galvanized ground rods
  • Stainless steel ground rods
  • Threaded copper-bonded rods
  • Threaded stainless steel rods
  • Pigtail ground rods
  • SRC and G-5 universal ground rod acorn clamps
  • Threaded and threadless couplings
  • Steel grounding plates
  • Ground rod drivers, and more


The Galvan family of grounding products listed above is made in the USA from US materials. Unlike our competitors, all of our ground rods are made in our own production facilities in Harrisburg, NC. Our plants are running and our products are shipping. Galvan supports wholesaler customers with stocking locations nationwide. Click here to see our entire product line.