Intersystem Bonding Bridge

  • Meets NEC 250.94 requirement for Intersystem Bonding Termination.
  • Used in residential and commercial applications to ground up to four (4) systems to a single location.
  • Lay-in style connection and good for up to four auxiliary ground wires.
  • Available in die-cast zinc or copper alloy.
  • Wide wire range, some connectors are UL for only #10-#14 awg. and only for sizes #6-#4 awg. on the main.
  • Approved for use with solid or stranded copper conductors.
  • Assembled with stainless steel screws and plastic cover.
  • Plastic cover snaps on and provides protection and an easy and aesthetically pleasing installation.
  • UL Listed.
MaterialMain Grounding Conductor RangeAuxiliary Ground Wire RangePcs. Per Ctn.Wt. Per 100NAED
Zinc Alloy#6 - #2#14 - #4104261504-4
IBBCUCopper Alloy#6 - #2#14 - #4106761504-1