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Galvan UV-rated pre-insulated multi-tap connectors are real timesavers for installers who work with line splicing, reducers and tap applications. Available in single-sided, double-sided and splice versions, the connectors don’t require taping during installations. The PVC- covered connectors are enclosed in protective black Plastisol and filled with PenetroxTM oxideinhibitorstoensuregreater contact resistance to moisture, chemicals and abrasion. The connectors’ solid end caps protect against contamination.
Dual-Rated Multi-Tap Connectors
• Use with copper or aluminum conductors.
• Tape-free installs save time.
• 2 to 8 taps per connector.
• Reduces inventory size and costs.
• UL listed up to 600 MCM.
• CSA-certified to 600 volts, 90o C.
• Wire strip lengths: 5/8-inch to 1-1/8-inch.
 ITO (offset)
 IPLD (two-sided)
 IPL (one-sided)
ISR (splice/reducer)
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