Avoid undersized, non-compliant ground rods.

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Both the NEC and the NESC codes spell out ground rod size requirements clearly.

NEC 250.52.A.5.b: Rod-type grounding electrodes of stainless steel and copper or zinc coated steel shall be at least 15.87 mm (5/8 in.) in diameter, unless listed.                                                   

•NESC 094B.2.a: Driven rods may be sectional; the total length shall not be less than 2.44 meters (8 ft). Iron, zinc-coated or steel rods shall have a diameter of not less than 15.87 mm (0.625 in.).

An easy way to check ground rod diameter is with the Galvan Ground Rod Gage. If the rod does not fit in the slot, it is at least 0.625 and approved for use in either contracting or utility applications. If it does fit, it is out of compliance for utilities, and must be listed to be code compliant for NEC applications.

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