New Galvan Insulated Multi-Tap Connectors Rated For Aluminum And Copper Applications

HARRISBURG, N.C. -- New PVC-covered pre-insulated multi-tap connectors from Galvan Industries save field crews installation time by providing tape-free line splicing, reducer and tap applications.

Rated for use with both aluminum and copper conductors, Galvan supplies the new connectors in three configurations: single-sided, double-sided and splice. Enclosed in protective black Plastisol, the multi-tap connectors are filled with Penetrox™ oxide inhibitor to enhance resistance to moisture, chemicals and abrasion. Solid end caps on the connectors protect against contamination. The new units are an ideal fit for the contractor, maintenance and repair markets. Their ability to accommodate as many as eight connections in a single unit reduces inventory size and related costs. With a UL listing up to 600 MCM, the multi-tap connectors are CSA-certified for applications up to 600 volts and 90°C.

Galvan Industries is a major manufacturer of grounding components including connectors, clamps and ground rods. Galvan manufactures copper-bonded, hot-dip galvanized and stainless steel ground rods and related electrical products for utility and construction applications.

For more information, contact Galvan Industries at 1-800-277-5678 or 704-455-5102.

Download Spec Sheet Here

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