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  UL-Listed Galvanized Ground Rods


First In Manufacturing Quality

New Galvan UL-listed galvanized ground rods offer built-in advantages over ordinary galvanized rods ...

  • SAE 1035 steel core for increased hardness, tensile strength and straightness (same as equivalent UL-listed copper clad rods)
  • Drive-end chamfer, and true conical tip for safe coupling and easier driving
  • Stamped for traceability and accountability per UL
  • Minimum zinc thickness specified per ASTM A-123


What else is there?

Now there’s a cost-saving galvanized rod that meets every major spec including the National Electrical Code (NEC). It’s the Galvan Gold Series.

Here’s what the NEC says.



NEC 250.52.A.5
(5) Rod And Pipe Electrodes. Rod and pipe electrodes shall not be less than 2.5 m (8 ft) in length1 and shall consist of the following materials.
(a) Electrodes of pipe or conduit shall not be smaller than metric designator 21 (trade size 3/4) and, where of iron or steel, shall have the outer surface galvanized or otherwise metal-coated for corrosion protection.
(b) Electrodes of rods of iron or steel shall be at least 15.87 mm (5/8 in.)2 in diameter. Stainless steel rods less than 16 mm (5/8 in.) in diameter, nonferrous rods or their equivalent shall be listed and shall not be less than 13mm (1/2” in.) in diameter.3*

Compare for yourself

  1. The Galvan Gold Series comes in full eight and 10 foot lengths. The actual length of some “eight foot” rods on the market today is as much as six inches less. This compromises their integrity and makes it impossible for them to meet code.
  2. There is a difference between actual and nominal rod diameters. Few (if any) ground rods sold today as 5/8”(0.625) actually measure that diameter. Those that are smaller than .625 inches do not meet code... unless they are UL listed, such as the Galvan Gold Series rods shown in the table below.
  3. Ground rods (galvanized or copper clad) can be smaller than actual 5/8” and comply with the code, but only if they are “listed”. Galvan’s Gold Series is the only hot dip galvanized rod that is currently UL listed, and the only galvanized electrode that meets the strictest interpretation of the NEC code. Caution! Some suppliers may try to compete against the Gold Series by offering an inferior “copper clad” rod with less than the UL required minimum 10 mils of copper plating. These rods cannot be listed and, therefore, are not code compliant.

UL Listed Hot Dip Galvanized Ground Rods*
Available only from Galvan Industries, Inc.:


Catalog Number Nominal Dia.
X Length
Sub & Master Bundle Wt./100 NAED UPC No. 632591-
GR6258 5/8" X 8' 5/100 640 70702-2
GR6250 5/8” x 10' 5 / 100 941 70703-9
GR7508 3/4" x 8' 5 / 50 1200 70704-6
GR7510 3/4" x 10' 5 / 50 1500 70705-3
GR1010 1" x 10' 5 / 25 2700 70762-6

* For more information visit www.ul.com

Galvan ground rods are used in construction, cable TV, lightning protection, power generation, telecommunications and manufacturing applications. They═re stocked in convenient locations around the country to assure prompt deliveries.

For more information on Galvan UL-listed hot-dip galvanized, copper clad or stainless steel grounding rods, or to place an order, call 1-800-277-5678, Fax (704) 455-5215; e-mail: sales@galvanelectrical.com.

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