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Galvan Electrical's Print and PDF Catalog Features

Latest Product Info Plus NEC, NESC and RUS Specs

HARRISBURG, N.C. -- High demand for information about the Galvan Electrical product line has prompted the company's release of a new ground rod, clamps and connectors catalog. The catalog is now available for online download. { more }


Galvan Offers Full Line Of Connectors For Pool Grounding And Bonding

Galvan Industries offers a full line of copper lugs and grounding clamps for pool and spa applications. Article 680 of the National Electrical Code (NEC) requires that pool components such as rebar, drains, water inlets, skimmers, ladders, slides, diving boards, underwater lighting, junction boxes, and water circulating/heating equipment be bonded and grounded. Galvan’s UL-Listed pool and spa products meet NEC standards and are in stock for immediate shipment. { more }



New Intersystem Bonding Bridge Connectors Now Available From Galvan

HARRISBURG, N.C. -- Galvan Industries is now offering cost efficient intersystem bonding bridge connectors that meet 2011 and 2014 NEC 250.94 requirements for Intersystem Bonding Termination.

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New RUS Specs Fully Approve 10-mil Coating On Copper-Covered Ground Rods

No longer "conditional", the latest USDA List of Materials document for rural utilities shows copper-coated ground rods with 10-mils of copper plating as fully accepted for the RUS market. UL-Listed 10-mil sectional ground rods in 8 and 10-foot lengths are also fully accepted under the new document.

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Wesley Fritsche Joins Galvan Electrical as National Sales Manager

HARRISBURG, N.C. -- Galvan Industries, Inc. is pleased to announce the appointment of Wesley Fritsche as a National Sales Manager with the Electrical Products Group. Wesley comes to Galvan from Littelfuse, where he most recently was involved in sales management. { more }


New Educational Program
Galvan Introduces Third Video Test Module To Certify Ground Rod Knowledge

HARRISBURG, N.C. -- Galvan Electrical Products has developed a third online training module for professionals involved in the selection, purchase, installation or inspection of ground rod electrodes. The new module, entitled “Ground Rod Specs and Standards”, is available now on the company’s web site, The first two modules, entitled “Ground Rod Inspection Basics” and “Factors in Ground Rod Selection”, were released in September 2014.   { more }



Galvan Adds Ground Rod Kit To Grounding Electrode Offering

HARRISBURG, N.C. -- Galvan's new Ground Rod Electrode Kit is easy to install, ship and handle, and it complies with UL 467. Designated part number 6258R-KIT, it is NEC and NESC compliant, perfect for contractors and convenient for DIY-ers. Made in the USA, it installs from ground level, safe and easy, with no compression components.  { more


Galvan Delivers Customer Satisfaction With Packing List Protocol

Galvan has taken steps to eliminate problems with lost or damaged packing lists, by making the packing list location more visible and establishing standard protocols for the placement and protection of this important document.

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Galvan Threadless Couplings Guarantee Secure Connection

Of NEMA GR-1 Copper-Coated Ground Ros

Galvan Industries’ threadless couplings for copper-coated rods are designed, built and guaranteed to be interchangable with any manufacturer's rods that are built to the design parameters of the ANSI Approved / NEMA GR-1 ground rod spec. That's because our couplings are built to spec, too, and the spec requires they fit every accepted rod diameter.

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Galvan Electrical Offers Free Downloads Of Newly Updated
Specifications On Ground Rods, Clamps And Couplings

HARRISBURG, N.C. -- Galvan Electrical Products has updated its comprehensive technical specification for ground rod electrodes, clamps and couplings for the electrical and utility markets. This spec has been developed and refined by Galvan's staff, which includes members of ASME, NSPE, IEEE, SCTE, IAEI, NFPA, NEMA, CANENA and the IEC.

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Galvan Announces Four-Conductor and Six-Conductor Panelboard
Connectors for 500 KCMIL to 4 AWG Through 750 KCMIL to 1/0 AWG

Galvan Industries’ comprehensive line of electrical panelboard connectors now includes four and six-barrel models that accommodate conductor ranges of 500 KCMIL to 4 AWG, 500 KCMIL to 2 AWG, 600 KCMIL to 2 AWG and 750 KCMIL to 1/0 AWG. Galvan's 4ABV and 6ABV are dual-rated aluminum solderless connectors that provide a rare combination of conductor size and connection capacity. View catalog page. { more }


Galvan's Manufacturing Initiatives Make Ground Rods Even "Greener"

Galvan is the only major U.S. manufacturer of both UL-listed hot-dip galvanized ground rods and UL-listed copper-plated ground rods, and is among the world's “greenest” manufacturers of either product. Recently, Galvan has invested more than $2 million in its galvanizing and copper plating operations to increase capacity and further reduce environmental impact. { more }

Galvan GRDU universal manual ground rod driver

Galvan Electrical Introduces Universal Ground Rod Driver

Galvan Electrical Products has announced the introduction of a universal ground rod driver to its line of grounding products, connectors and tools. The Galvan GRDU is a safe, easy-to-use and cost-effective tool for the installation of all 5/8" and 3/4" ground rods without ladders, power tools or hammers. Made in the U.S.A. and featuring high-quality materials, design and construction, the GRDU Ground Rod Driver can be used with any type of ground rod, including copper-coated, galvanized or stainless-steel. { more }


Improved Kenny Clamps satisfy all NEC standards for bonding grounding electrode conductors to enclosures

HARRISBURG, N.C. -- The Improved Kenny Clamp connector bonds grounding electrode conductors to panelboards, switchboards, cutout boxes, metallic conduit, boxes and transformer enclosures. Kenny Clamps are now available for immediate delivery from Galvan Industries. 

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Galvan's New Universal Stainless Steel Ground Rod
Clamp May Be The Only Clamp You Need

HARRISBURG, N.C. -- Galvan Industries’ new stainless steel “one size fits all” ground rod clamp can be used with more types and sizes of ground rods than any other clamp. The “patent pending” SRC-SS is designed for use with galvanized, copper-coated and stainless steel ground rods in sizes 3/8, 1/2, 5/8 and 3/4-inch, as well as rebar. It is UL-Listed in the US and Canada for direct burial in both earth and concrete. 

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Galvan Steel Ground Plates Provide Years Of Safe, Reliable Grounding Protection

HARRISBURG, N.C. -- Often used by utilities, Galvan steel ground plate electrodes buried below grade provide an excellent connection to earth. Their large surface area (10"x16") efficiently and safely dissipates current into the ground. Made of 1/4" steel and hot dip galvanized for corrosion resistance, they give up to 40 years of worry-free grounding protection in most soils. 

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NOTICE! Non-Compliant Galvanized Ground Rod Found In Carolinas

A galvanized ground rod with the marking "Mangai India" recently purchased from a distributor in the Carolinas was found to be out of compliance with both NEC and ANSI-Approved/NEMA GR-1 specifications. The rod in question is a 5/8” x 8’ galvanized rod. It is out of compliance in terms of rod diameter and zinc coating thickness.

AHJs, distributors and contractors should be aware of the potential safety and liability issues associated with this product.

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Jeff Walker Joins Galvan Electrical As National Sales Manager

Galvan Industries, Inc. is pleased to announce the appointment of Jeff Walker as National Sales Manager with the Electrical Products Group. Jeff comes to Galvan with 28 years experience in the electrical wholesaling business.  { more }


New Galvan Electrical Pipe Clamps Feature Swivel Conduit

Hubs With Saddle Clamp Grounding Connections

HARRISBURG, N.C. – A new series of UL listed pipe clamps from Galvan Electrical Products feature swivel hubs that swing 360 degrees for easy alignment to rigid conduit.  Saddle clamps on the hubs make grounding connections simple and secure.

{ more }

Galvan Grounding Pipe Clamps For Armored Cable
Feature 360 Degree Swivel For Easier Alignment

HARRISBURG, N.C. -- Galvan Electrical Products has introduced a series of UL and CSA listed pipe clamps for armored cable that feature swivel heads for easier, more secure grounding connections. The clamps are used to connect armored cable to water pipe for grounding. The 360-degree swivel head facilitates alignment with the cable and the pipe.

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Galvan Hammer-On Ground Clamps: An Easier, Lower Cost, More Secure Grounding Connection

HARRISBURG, N.C. -- Now there's a lower cost, easier-to-install and more tamper-resistant way for utility crews to secure their grounding conductor connections to rod electrodes. See catalog page.

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Galvan Electrical Wins Awards For Ground Rod Video And YouTube Channel

HARRISBURG, N.C. -- Galvan Industries’ Electrical Products Division received two awards in the recent 2010 BMA Pro-Ad competition.  The video “Go For Listed Ground Rods” earned a Bronze Award in the Web video category.  The company also won a Bronze for its YouTube channel, which features all four of Galvan’s current safe grounding videos.  { more }


NOTICE! UL Finds Counterfeit Copper Ground Rods With Fake Listing Number

Underwriters Laboratories recently posted a public notice to alert Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs), electrical contractors, electricians and retailers of counterfeit copper-coated ground rods that carry a UL symbol along with a fake listing mark. The thickness of the copper plating for these ground rods does not comply with U.S. and Canadian Standards for Safety.

The listing number, 4X41, that is stamped on the rods appears to be something that someone simply made up. 

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Solid Copper Ground Rods Now Available From Galvan

Galvan has now expanded its line of grounding electrodes to include solid copper ground rods in sizes 5/8" x 8', 5/8" x 10' and 3/4" x 10'.  Solid copper rods offer excellent corrosion resistance and superior conductivity.  These rods are made in the USA of the  highest quality materials for a "no compromise" grounding solution.  {more}


Galvan Updates Color-Coded System For Ground Rods

To Help Prevent Installation and Inventory Errors

In a measure to simplify identification and eliminate inventory and installation mistakes, Galvan Industries is has updated the color-coding system for its line of copper and galvanized ground rods. Updates were made to the system to align with changes in national codes affecting some rod diameters. { more }


Copper Grounding Plates Now Available From Galvan

Retangular copper grounding plates, made from solid 0.25-inch sheet copper with a high-strength copper grounding lead connector, are available from Galvan as a more efficient, less costly alternative to butt wrapping poles. { more }


Galvan Copper-Plated And Hot Dip Galvanized Pigtail Ground Rods Meet RUS Requirements

HARRISBURG, N.C. -- Galvan Electrical offers copper-plated and hot dip galvanized pigtail ground rods in a wide variety of lengths and diameters to meet RUS requirements. Buyers can also specify wire type, gage and length.  No matter what the specifications, Galvan pigtail ground rods are always made to the highest quality standards. { more }


Galvan Threadless Couplings Now Available

For Copper and Galvanized Ground Rods

Galvan Electrical Products now offers a complete range of threadless ground rod couplings for copper-plated and galvanized ground rods. Copper rod couplings are available in sizes ½”, 5/8” and ¾” and made from bronze alloy.  Couplings for galvanized rods are made of coated steel and are available in sizes 5/8” and ¾”.  { more }


Galvan F-Series Full-Size Ground Rods Now CSA Listed

For Use In U.S. and Canada

Galvan Industries full-size F-Series hot-dip galvanized ground rods are now CSA-listed for use in the US and Canada.  Available in full 5/8”, 3/4” and 1” diameters, the new rods are clearly marked with the CSA symbol, the manufacturer’s identification and the appropriate part number.   { more }


Galvan Introduces CSA-Listed Stainless Steel Ground Rods For Use In U.S. and Canada

Galvan Industries, Inc. has announced the availability of CSA-listed stainless steel ground rods in 5/8”, 3/4” and 1” diameter. The new rods are clearly marked with the CSA symbol, the Galvan name and the appropriate part number. Marking is an important safety factor where ground rods are concerned.  The listing mark visible on the drive end proves that the rod was manufactured to code.  { more }



New Galvan G-5 Clamp UL-Listed For Ground Rods And Rebar

HARRISBURG, N.C. -- Galvan Industries’ unique new G-5 ground rod clamps are listed for ½-inch and 5/8-inch copper plated and galvanized ground rods, as well as #4 (1/2-inch) rebar. They are also approved for direct burial in soil and concrete.  { more }

Parallel Groove Clamps Are Now Available From Galvan

HARRISBURG, N.C. -- Galvan Industries is now offering utility customers two sizes of high-strength parallel groove clamps with prefilled oxide inhibitor. Visit catalog page. { more }

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