There's more to being "green" than just saving energy

According to the The National Electrical Contractor's Association (NECA), there are lots of reasons to “go green” when it comes to electrical construction – it saves money and the environment. Energy conservation and energy efficiency are key factors in green electrical contracting, but they aren't the only things that matter. Electrical blogger Greg Fletcher recently wrote that choosing environmentally friendly parts and materials is another way electrical contractors can have a positive effect on the environment.

"An electrician can recommend and install:
  ·products and materials manufactured with low environmental impact
  ·products and materials made with recycled content
  ·materials made locally to reduce the energy used to transport them
  ·materials that are more environmentally friendly"

Galvan Electrical's copper-coated, galvanized, solid copper and solid stainless steel ground rods meet all these criteria and help you keep your next project grounded in environmental responsibility.

Read about Galvan's "green manufacturing" initiatives.

For more information, contact Galvan Industries at 1-800-277-5678 or 704-455-5102.

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