Galvan Delivers Customer Satisfaction With Packing List Protocol

Harrisburg, N.C. -- Ground rods can present special challenges for shipping and receiving. A lost packing list is one of the most common. If the packing list is lost or damaged during transit, or even just hard to find, it becomes an issue that results in costly delays to receiving, phone calls, faxes and/or emails to bring to resolution.

Galvan has taken steps to remedy this problem by making the packing slip location more visible and establishing standard procedures for the placement and protection of this important document.

1. The packing list is securely shrink-wrapped to one ground rod bundle to protect it against damage from handling and/or the elements. There may be multiple ground rod bundles in the shipment, but the packing list will be attached to only one.

2. The packing list is wrapped with a bright yellow shrink-wrap rather than typical clear wrap. The purpose of this is to more visibly identify the location of the packing list.

3. If cardboard cartons of ground rod clamps, couplings, or other allied products are included in same shipment, the packing list on the rod bundle carries all the information needed to properly receive the entire shipment. The packing list is never attached to a cardboard package, but ONLY on a ground rod bundle. A box could be placed inside the cab of the truck or otherwise separated from the rest of the shipment, but a bundle of rods is much harder to misplace.

Using this procedure, the occurrence of missing packing lists has almost disappeared as an issue for Galvan Electrical. However, if you should experience this problem with a Galvan ground rod shipment, simply direct your warehouse personnel to the yellow shrink-wrapping and they should find the information they are looking for. Who else makes it this simple?

Our goal at Galvan Electrical is to be the premier provider of not only grounding products, but also of customer-centered support that minimizes any other issues to help our customers stay focused on their business opportunities.

About Galvan

Galvan Industries, Inc. has been a trusted supplier to the electrical, electronic and utility industries for more than five decades. Galvan electrical products are used in residential, commercial and industrial applications, including construction, cable TV, lightning protection, power transmission and telecommunications. They are available from leading electrical wholesalers and distributors throughout the United States.

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