Galvan Threadless Couplings Provide Secure Connection Of NEMA GR-1 Copper-Coated Ground Rods

Harrisburg, N.C. -- Galvan Industries’ threadless couplings for copper-coated ground rods are designed, built and guaranteed to securely connect any manufacturers' rods that are made to the design parameters of the ANSI Approved /NEMA GR-1 ground rod spec. That's because our couplings are built to spec, too, and the spec requires they fit the full range of accepted rod diameters.

For example, a 5/8" nominal copper coated rod can have a finished diameter that varies within the range of .555 and .565 inches, according to NEMA GR-1. The spec requires that a coupling used with this rod must be able to resist a ‘pullout force of no less than 1500 pounds’ throughout the specified diameter range of the rod. Galvan threadless couplings can.

If all rods and couplings were built to this spec, components from all manufacturers would be interchangeable. The specification clearly defines the finished diameter for all sizes of ground rods (including rod ends which, of course, are critical), and the coupling performance criteria. It is up to the coupling designer and manufacturer to produce a coupling of the proper length and taper to meet the criteria.

This does not always happen. Investigation into recent problems has found, in situations where coupled rods have separated, a poorly made coupling is usually to blame. However, if either component is out of spec, failure can occur.

Galvan ground rods and couplings are built to the NEMA GR-1 spec. We encourage distributors, contractors and utilities to demand grounding products made to nationally recognized design specifications. This will eliminate the threadless coupling problems that are present in the market today.

As always, the solution is to purchase grounding products from a trusted supplier who manufactures all components and has a vested interest in assuring a safe and successful installation. Galvan is that supplier.

Galvan's Complete Range of Couplings

Galvan offers a complete range of threadless ground rod couplings for copper-plated and galvanized ground rods.

Copper rod couplings are available in sizes ½”, 5/8” and ¾” and made from bronze alloy. Couplings for galvanized rods are made of coated steel and are available in sizes 5/8” and ¾”.

Galvan’s threadless couplings work by creating a compression joint without splitting or cracking when the rods are driven. Once connected, the force required to pull the rods apart from this joint is more than 1500 pounds so joined rods can be driven without worry over possible future separation.

Galvan couplings are marked with the manufacturers symbol, part number, trade size and the identifying mark of the listing agency to ensure traceability as required by RUS.

About Galvan

In addition to threadless couplings, Galvan Industries, Inc. is also a major manufacturer of hot dip galvanized, copper-plated, stainless steel and solid copper ground rods, as well as clamps, connectors and other grounding accessories. Galvan products are stocked in strategic sites around the country to assure fast deliveries.

Galvan Industries has been a trusted supplier to the electrical, electronic and utility industries for more than five decades. Galvan electrical products are used in residential, commercial and industrial applications, including construction, cable TV, lightning protection, power transmission and telecommunications. They are available from leading electrical wholesalers and distributors throughout the United States.

For more information, call 1-800-277-5678; fax 704-455-5215; email or visit Galvan on the Web at

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